Moll Flanders Серия: Wordsworth Classics инфо 11238i.

Abandoned at six months old, Moll has no option but to use her considerable wit and looks to make her way in a world where no mercy is given to the unadaptable As a woman her options are limited and Moll embaаюфчэrks on a rollicking career of incest, bigamy and crime Five times married, a whore and a thief, her business is survival - and survive she does, both a prisoner and manipulator of her circumstances, whose timely spiritual regeneration in prison is, she tells us, qбмкпх"the best part of the story" Readers must decide for themselves Tough, resourceful, indisputably feminine, Moll's voice speaks to us across the centuries with shocking familiarity Автор Даниель Дефо Daniel Defoe Английский романист, журналист и памфлетист, автор около четырехсот сочинений, в том числе журнальных статей, трактатов, проектов, биографий, книги путевых заметок Дефо занимался также предпринимательством (правда, его деловые начинания, как правило, .