Lofts of Brussels 2004 г 248 стр ISBN 9076886156 инфо 11776i.

Having published books about the lofts in Antwerp, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin and Scandinavia, Tectum Publishers have been on a discovery tour of lofts in Brussels Born rather late in the European capitаюхсеal, this urban phenomenon has been running like wildfire, to the point that abandoned industrial buildings are becoming an extinct species Asa result, the infatuation of the cosmopolitan public encourages the actors on this new market to explore new ways of expanding бмлайthis way of life that has become ingrained in the modern mentality In other words, lofts flourish in a whole range of rehabilitation projects, but also in new buildings Whatever the decorative chpices made by their owners, lofts in Brussels have taken the freedom to adapt to demanding lifestyles An ode to a quality of life based on boundless creativity, they amplify generous spaces, they create a vacuum in which to dream and dramatize life Welcome on the Brussels stage Иллюстрацбспызии Авторы Валери Констант Valerie Constant Grevesse Laurence.