The Windows CE Technology Tutorial: Windows Powered Solutions for the Developer Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional, 2000 г Мягкая обложка, 624 стр ISBN 0201616424 инфо 12320i.

"If you want the straight shot on writing code for the hottest information appliances powered by Windows CE, this book is your guiding light A must for any serious developer of Windows CE-based applicatiаюцокons!" --Scott Henson, Group Manager, Windows CE Developer Evangelism, Microsoft Corporation This practical guide is designed to get programmers up and running with Windows CE, Microsoft's emerging operating system for handheld PCs and other alternative computingбмлхе devices This book helps you learn Windows CE programming by building on your experience with Windows 98 and NT Although other resources may take a more theoretical approach to Windows CE, The Windows CE Technology Tutorial focuses on the essential topics and practical programming techniquesyou will need to create real-world Windows CE applications By using a sample application that is explored throughout the book, Muench walks you step-by-step through all of Windows CE's major teбспягchnologies, functions, and capabilities--from the most basic skills through advanced techniques Making extensive use of COM technology, he shows you how to create an application framework and prototype, work with the file system and registry, program for graphics and sound, design the user interface, and enable printing and connectivity By book's end, this sample application is ready for deployment, complete with a redistributable setup Smaller code snippets are also used to illustrate important techniques and concepts You will find coverage of such specific topics as: Choosing the proper device and installing Windows CE Available Windows CE development tools Windows CE application development with Visual C++ and Visual Basic Creating a COM server and ActiveX control Distributed COM and DeviceCOM The Windows CE registry ADOCE for database access Windows CE Internet integration Adding support for such remote technologies as RAPI, WinSocks, infrared communication, and an бтнфьActiveSync provider In addition, The Windows CE Technology Tutorial offers an overview of Windows CE technology and COM fundamentals The accompanying CD-ROM contains all the source code used in the book, as well as a variety of convenient tools Bk&CD Rom edition Автор Крис Мунч Chris Muench.

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