iSeries and AS/400 Java at Work Издательство: MC Press, LLC Мягкая обложка ISBN 1583470182 инфо 12324i.

If you are a good Java programmer who wants to become an excellent Java application developer, this book are for you This book contains 64 chapters written by 18 leading Java experts on Java technologies Oriаюцоуginally compiled by Don Denoncourt as a personal resource to help him develop and code Java applications for his consulting business, iSeries and AS/400 JavaTM at Work contains all the essential information Denoncourt has gleaned from his years as the editor of AS/400 бмлхжNetJava Expert, a on time contributor to Midrange Computing, and an award-winning seminar speaker "I consider this book to be my secondary storage device for Java technology," says Denoncourt "It is an extension of my Java capabilities, and it could be the same for you" This is not a book for the beginner Java programmer Rather, it is the definitive second-tier education for Java programmers Many know the language; those who succeed will know how to make the lбспядanguage work in a business environment This book will show you how the experts are getting it done Java is a pervasive technology today iSeries and AS/400 shops are clamoring for Java expertise so that they can modernize their business applications and build their Web presence Businesses need Java programmers who can use their skills to contribute real value as application developers Successful Java programmers need more than basic Java programming skills; they need a strong grasp of business--real-world tools to develop robust applications There has never been a better time to build your Java skills, and there has never been a better resource to help you do it than iSeries and AS/400 Java at Work.

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