72 - dpi Издательство: Gestalten Verlag, 2000 г Мягкая обложка, 176 стр ISBN 3-931126-35-8 инфо 12407i.

Редакторы: Роберт Клантен Хендрик Хеллиг Michael Mischler V Tiegelkamp Jan Rikus Hillmann 72 dpi is our collection of revolutionary web designs in book form The Internet's rapid development constаюцтжantly demands new, ingenious web designs that bind the user to the website for as long as possible in order to provide him/her with contents and information Meaning that web site designers always have to develop new, fresh graphic solutions to transport the most diverбмлшиse contents What they come up with is then transported via the WWW and appears in 72 dots per inch resolution (72 dpi) on a computer monitor This book shows a selection of the most successful solutions from all parts of the world appropriately presented in the same landscape format as a monitor Since colours are assembled differently for the internet (RGB) than are reproducible in the traditional printing process (CMYK), costly print-processing will be used for 72 dpi - making nearбсразly perfect colour reproduction of web designs possible in a book for the first time In order to give a most authentic lodown of what state-of-the-art web design is all about, 72dpi includes twenty texts on relevant aspects, written by experts like Matt Owens, David Lindermann, Josh Davies and PlanetPixel Co-editors Vicky Tiegelkamp and Jan Rikus Hillmann from famous De:Bug magazine are responsible for the giving.