After Effects in Production: A Companion for Creating Motion Graphics 2004 г 382 стр ISBN 1578202647 инфо 12417i.

AmazoncomThe most experienced professionals in any field are the first ones to say there is always more to learn Often, the best way to learn is to be a fly on the wall while watching a peer Chris and Trishаюцут Meyer have given After Effects users a unique and wonderful opportunity in After Effects in Production, allowing us to look over the shoulders of some of the best motion-graphics designers in the business and watch and learn as they go through the creative process Unбмлшыlike the fly on the wall, though, we have the chance to occasionally put down the book and practice what's been learned In the tutorials section, the authors break down the process of creating broadcast-quality motion graphics into a dozen step-by-step tutorials Each tutorial focuses on or introduces a particular feature, and often builds on features that were introduced in a previous tutorial The enclosed CD-ROM includes all 12 project and media files (and the final rendered movбсраьies), giving the reader the chance to build the project from scratch or carefully dissect a project that's already built Case Studies, a far smaller section of the book (but equal in value to the rest), explores, breaks down, and dissects After Effects projects that are on the air or on the Web, including work from such studios as Belief, ATTIK, and Curious Pictures While less step-by-step oriented, one gets the chance to learn why each project was handled the way it was, rather than how As an added bonus, the CD-ROM includes numerous free plug-ins from such vendors as Pinnacle, Media 100, Boris, Trapcode, and the Foundry for both Mac and Windows versions of After Effects There's also plenty of bonus material to read and sift through in the form of PDF files--additional tutorials, tips and tricks, and project templates After Effects in Production is a must-have book for any user who intends to grow into a serious designer, or for the serious designer who simply intenбтнфяds to keep on growing --Mike CaputoBook DescriptionTake your After Effects skills to a new level! Twelve step-by-step tutorials, designed by industry professionals, explore a variety of creative approaches as they teach useful design concepts and production techniques Updated for After Effects 65, this new edition covers the most significant Version 5 and 6 features including 3D space, cameras, lights, parenting, text, animation presets, paint, and expressions Each carefully structured project presents the "why" behind the steps, so you can adapt these techniques to your own designs and motion graphics work All contain timeless concepts that will be of use for many years to come After Effects in Production also contains six case studies of commercial projects created by award-winning studios such as ATTIK, Belief, Curious Pictures, The Diecks Group, Fido, and the authors' own studio, CyberMotion These detail the integration of After Effects, 3D programs, livбтчлоe action, and a variety of animation techniques, revealing the artistic concepts behindthe spots as well as the inventive techniques used to execute them The enclosed DVD contains QuickTime movies of each of the final animations, allowing you to step through them frame-by-frame so you can examine them in detail.

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