Living Places in Russia Издательство: Images Publishing Dist A/C, 1999 г Мягкая обложка, 108 стр ISBN 1 86470 87 4 Язык: Английский Формат: 250x250 Мелованная бумага инфо 12689i.

In "Living Places in Russia", photographer Dyranda Prevost and architect Natalia Dushkina have conveyed life in Russia at a critical moment in history, recording twenty-two homes in both city and couаючбйntry Westerners remember the Berlin Wall, and its momentous fall that followed glasnost and perestroika; this book reveals the concealed, historic changes to the walls containing ordinary Russian people since the 1917 Revolution Documented in 1990-91, and completed iбммауn 1999, the images and voices in this book are a revelation; a "collective image" of various professions and strata living in a variety of buildings built in different periods - amongst them, famous Constructivist buildings by Ginsberg and Milinis, and Nikolaev Natalia Dushkina's erudite essay, "The Russian Home", provides an overview from the Revolution to today, through the radical changes under Stalin, then Khrushchev As in her previous book on Australian homeбсрдаs, "Living Places", "Twenty Houses", photographs by Dyranda Prevost capture the ambience of the lived-in 'place' and the messages conveyed by its objects Her interviews allow the inhabitants to tell their own stories, which directly reflect the hardship and repression referred to by Dushkina A constant is their longing for freedom and tranquillity, epitomised by life in the countryside -in however humble that place may be Авторы Dyranda Prevost Наталия Душкина.

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