The New York Taxi Back Seat Book Издательство: daab, 2006 г Твердый переплет, 240 стр ISBN 3-937718-85-0, 978-3-937718-85-9 Язык: Английский Мелованная бумага инфо 12700i.

David Bradford is a photographer and New York City taxi driver, who epitomizes the concept of carrying a camera during regular day-to-day activities Bradford mainly shoots while he's working, capturing the esаючбсsence of New York City in all its human, architectural and climatic diversity In his second book, he presents a selection of his passengers, which sat down at his backseat The result is a collection that captures the breadth of humanity - the whole world of people - бммаыthat can pass through the back seat of a New York City taxi Формат: 24 см x 16 см Иллюстрации Автор David Bradford David Bradford.

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