Haris Alexiou Anthology (2CD) Формат: 2 Audio CD (Jewel Case) Дистрибьютор: Gala Records Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 2006 г Антология инфо 13040i.

The voice and songs of Haris Alexiou have played a decisive part in shaping the modern Greek music scene Since her first appearance in the early 70s, Haris Alexiou has had an exceptionally productive and succаючтрessful career that has resulted in her being regarded as a classic performer and, thanks to her music and lyrics, also as a key figure in modern Greek music With her charismatic voice, unique interpretation style, powerful stage presence and continuous exploration ofбммйг new musical paths, Haris Alexiou has been at the forefront of Greek song and loved by the Greek public for over thirty years For all Greeks she is "Haroula" In her exciting career, Haris Alexiou has worked closely with the most important Greek composers, lyricists and performers, has appeared in the world's largest concert halls and has been the recipient of prestigious awards She has recorded more than 30 albums, not counting her participation in the works of other welбсреьl-established as well as younger artists with whom she frequently cooperates, in pursuing her multi-faceted musical quest From Greece to Australia, from Russia to Africa, from Europe to America and Japan, the voice of Haris Alexiou sings and travels the feeling of Greek songs Besides, she herself believes that through its poets and composers, Greek songs have helped her love and understand more profoundly the culture and history of her native land Издание содержит буклет с фотографиями и дополнительной информацией на английском языке Содержание CD1: Haris Alexiou Anthology 1 The Sun Shall Always Rise 2 Love Is Vertigo 3 What A Night! 4 Full Moon 5 Nefeli's Tango (Tango To Evora) 6 Aristotelous Str 7 The Concert 8 The Floor 9 My Own Strangers 10 Iphigenia's Ballad 11 Eleni 12 The Oracle 13 My Little Purple Fan 14 For A Tango 15 Hope I'm Well 16 To Live Or Die (Flamenco) 17 The Karelia Cigarettes бтнхй 18 Men pass (Les Hommes Qui Passent) 19 Everything Reminds Me Of You CD2: Haris Alexiou Anthology 1 For The First Time I Said 'Forgive Me' 2 A Phosphrous Ground 3 All The Sundays Of The World 4 It's Time For Me To Live 5 Tonight I Want To Drink 6 If A Love Dies 7 My Friends Return At Dawn 8 I'm Leaving 9 You Are The Night With The Enigmas 10 Rock Ballad 11 If God Exists 12 It's Dawning 13 The Wave 14 Long Love 15 The Soldier 16 How Sweet It Is To Be Loved 17 When A Woman Drinks 18 Teli Teli 19 Jealousy 20 The Will 21 I Know You Don't Love Me Anymore Исполнитель Харис Алексиоу Haris Alexiou.