Freaks Формат: DVD (NTSC) (Keep case) Дистрибьютор: Warner Home Video Региональный код: 1 Субтитры: Английский / Испанский / Французский Звуковые дорожки: Английский Dolby Digital 2 0 Mono Формат инфо 13122i.

От издателя Tod Browning, who directed Bela Lugosi in the original Dracula, stepped into even eerier territory with this 1932 story of betrayal and retribution in the circus Evil trapeze artist Olga Baclanovаючцвa seduces and marries a midget in the circus sideshow, hoping to inherit his wealth But in doing so, she has crossed the wrong folks: the tightly knit group of nature's aberrations, who stick together like family and who set out to avenge their little pal Browning brбммнгought in some of the most famous sideshow attractions of the era, include Siamese twins Daisy and Violet Hilton and Johnny Eck the Legless Boy, as well as Zip and Pip, microcephalics whose appearance in this film inspired cartoonist Bill Griffith to create his comic strip, "Zippy the Pinhead" So disturbing that it was banned for 30 years in Great Britain Режиссер: Тод Браунинг Продюсеры: Тод Браунинг Двэйн Эспер Творческий коллектив Дополнительные материалы Coбсрзбmmentary by Author David J Skal All-New Documentary Freaks: Sideshow Cinema Special Message Prologue Added For Theatrical Reissue 3 Alternate Endings Режиссер Тод Браунинг Tod Browning Актеры (показать всех актеров) Уоллес Форд Wallace Ford Лейла Хаймс Leila Hyams Ольга Бакланова Olga Baclanova.

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